Lebanese Simon Workshops

Lebanese Simon

Lebanese Simon was born and raised in northern Lebanon. Simon has travelled internationally to teach, perform and share his passion for this art form. His style of Lebanese Folk Dabke is described as strong, captivating, and deeply heartfelt. Through Raks Sharki Simon reveals his personal creative approach with a focus on melody and the story line. His versatility in dance has brought him very close to the heart of a wide range of audience and followers around the world.

Since 2010, Simon has served as artistic director and manager for the Al Awtar Zaffa Group based in Houston, Texas and organizes yearly cultural dance tours to Lebanon. 

8 hours of workshops and a show with Lebanese Simon.

June 10, 11, 12, 2022.

  • all times are PDST
  • all prices are in CDN dollars

Friday, June 10

7:30pm show!

Join us for a Friday night hafla featuring Lebanese Simon! Location: BMO theatre Company, Rezansoff-McGill Studio, 162 W 1st Ave, Vancouver

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ALL WORKSHOPS TO BE AT: BMO theatre Company, Rezansoff-McGill Studio, 162 W 1st Ave, Vancouver

Saturday, June 11

11:00 am – 1:00pm – Dabke elevates Raks Sharki

The Dabke is a Folkloric dance that is deeply cultural and rooted in the civilisations of the Levant. A Dabke dancer derives strength from the Core and upper leg muscles, executes footwork with light transitions while maintaining balance, a lifted chest, poise and soulfulness. All these elements are essential to any dancer’s cultural vocabulary; the subtle transitions of this folk dance form are the best tools for a Raks Sharki dancer to improve speed of transitions, elevation changes while executing sharp accents precisely. The dabke class will feature essential dabke combos for bellydancers, helping to elevate the art form. Folklore is a must!.

2:00pm – 4:00pm – Pop Sharki Choreography

A Simon specialty, this choreography is fun, light, bouncy and full of sass. Deeply connected to the lyrics and the mood of the song, each sizzling combo is fresh and spicy! Let’s Pop it like it’s Hot!

Sunday, June 12

11:00am – 1:00pm – Dabke pop Choreography

We start with the folk, and from the folk dabke line dance we’ll evolve slowly to cover more intricate fun dabke combos to a hit pop dabke song. We will focus on light transitions and elevation changes to highlight artistry in execution.

2:00pm – 4:00 pm – Lebanese Raks Sharki Choreography

Starting with a series of drills focusing on technique and execution, Simon will teach a choreography rich in Lebanese stylization and signature combos. This choreography frames some of the legendary names in Lebanon , as well as Simons personal style and signature combos.

Fee Schedule

  • All prices in Canadian $$$

Full weekend – In Person – $350

Single Day – In Person – $175

Full weekend – Online – $250

Single Day – Online – $135

A La Carte Workshops

Half Day – Online – $75

While the pandemic has created a lot of hardships and heartache around the world, these opportunities that bring us together in amazing new ways are transforming us all. I would not have had the opportunity to attend Rain Coast Raqs in person before, and I’m so grateful for this online opportunity.  – Genevieve

It was such a profound experience, much more so than I would have expected, especially since it was all online. The workshops were amazing – I can’t remember attending workshops that great. – Michelle McCown 

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